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MY SKINCARE JOURNEY with Beauty Barn India

The story of my skincare journey goes a long way back. I remember noticing the first signs of aging lines and blemishes, when I was just 26. I had given birth to my first child, then and I was not following any particular skincare routine around that time. In fact, I was not even aware of how to really care for my skin. And with time, my skin woes escalated. This led me to get into an in-depth research about skincare, which further got me hooked into the world of Korean skincare and beauty.

Nobody wants to age, though we cannot halt the aging process. We are all looking out for that fountain of youth. Based on my skincare experience, to me the fountain of youth does not come neatly packed in a bottle but it comes with a life-long dedication to a healthy lifestyle and a disciplined skincare routine. Skincare as the name suggests, is all about caring for your skin. It is a process and not an overnight magic potion that can erase away all your years of negligence.

Initially, I started Beauty Barn as an e-store on Instagram, where I began to share and discuss K-beauty products with my clients. The demand for Korean beauty products eventually led me to start our own web portal www.beautybarn.in in 2017. It gives me immense joy to be able to provide a platform to bring in the best of Korean skincare to everyone who needs a skin revival. My hope is to see more men and women from across the country, being confident and happy in their own skin.


Leaving aside their knack for innovative trends in skincare, the core of Korean skincare is the science of it and getting to the root of the skin concern. The rise of Korean skincare can be attributed to the use of natural ingredients and gentle formulations that make up their products. Korean skincare is backed by science and always focuses on the root of the issue and ultimately delivers promising results, which I have also personally experienced myself. I believe those who have embraced Korean skincare will echo the same sentiments I share.

Anyone can achieve a healthy and beautiful skin. But it takes time and effort to understand your skin needs. Education on skincare is essential so you don’t get fooled by products that come with tall claims to give you overnight results. When the product fails to live up to your expectations, you may end up disappointed.

With proper skincare and a healthy lifestyle, I have noticed that my skin has never looked better than before. I, along with my Beauty Barn team hope to help all of you achieve that beautiful and healthy skin, like I did.

Toina Kinimi,
Founder & CEO,
Beauty Barn India