Don’t Miss Out! Free Shipping on orders above ₹1499

Terms & conditions:

#1. Customers whose cart orders are valued @₹1499 and above during Black Friday Sales are eligible to participate in the Black Friday Jackpot and will be sent a coupon number via WhatsApp (participants MUST enter their WhatsApp number during CHECKOUT in order to receive their coupon numbers)
#2. 3 (three) winners will be selected during a LIVE session on IG @beautybarnindia on November (28/29). 6:00 PM. Winners will be selected at random using a software/program to ensure fairness.
#3. The winners ARE NOT required to appear on the IG LIVE video session.
#4. Winners must follow @beautybarnindia on Instagram and be subscribed to the Beauty Barn channel on YouTube.
#5. Each winner will get a one-year supply of the AXIS-Y Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum 50ml (FULL-SIZE PRODUCT).
#6. Winners will receive the entire one-year supply in one delivery which will contain 4 (four) AXIS-Y Dark Spot Serums.
#7. Winners will be notified via WhatsApp regarding further communications and shipping detail requirements.
#8. The Black Friday Jackpot event is valid from November 20 – November 27 2023.
#9. The event is subject to change or conclusion based on Beauty Barn’s circumstances.