How I got my hormonal acne under control

How I got my hormonal acne under control

I started getting breakouts all over my face especially my jawline about a year back. I freaked out and tried nearly every acne wash, spot treatment and cream available on the counter with little to no results.The massive cysts on my chin and jaw were painful and I bought all kinds of acne products, tried home made remedies recommended by friends but nothing worked to the point that I almost gave up on my skin.

What is hormonal acne? Hormonal acne also called adult acne usually hits people in their 20’s, 30’s and even upto 50’s. Hormonal acne consists of big cysts under the skin that is painful and also causes deep scarring.

It was my sister who actually recommended me the Cosrx BHA A sol and the BHA Emulsion. I decided to give my skin one last try whether it gave me results or not, I decided to put my heart and soul into these products. I also made some changes in my diet as well.

It’s a miracle how my skin cleared up ever since I started following this skincare regimen. I used both the toner and the moisturiser along with the cosrx Low pH good morning Gel cleanser religiously. I couldn’t contain my excitement when I started seeing noticeable decrease in my flares within a week of using them.

After more than a month of using them; my acne seemed to have cleared up.

I love how the cleanser is so gentle and doesn’t dry my skin. After my cleansing step I apply the cosrx BHA A sol, it has a watery toner texture and easily spread on my face but quickly dries out with a mattifying effect which I believe is because of the alcohol in it. However the black bee propolis in this toner kinda tends to balance out the alcohol and keeps skin hydrated and soft and doesn’t strip my skin dry. I would recommend it to anyone who has very oily, acne prone skin.

I usually don’t use moisturisers because every cream that I ever used tends to make my skin oilier and broke me out. I love the fact that the BHA emulsion has a mattifying texture and keeps my oil and acne under control while moisturising it. I used the BHA Emulsion as my go to moisturiser daily after the cleansing and the toner step.

As for the BHA A sol I use it more like a spot treatment now that my acne has cleared up and I don’t feel the need to use it everyday. However on days when I have a feeling that my skin is about to breakout, I kinda use both the toner and the emulsion and this really has helped me control my breakouts.

When I have a big pimple I soak cotton pads in the BHA A sol and place it on areas where I am getting breakouts for about 5 minutes, I feel this allows the product to soak into the affected area and work more effectively. Now my only concern is the scars left on my skin but I am more than relieved that my painful pimples are under control.

Since my skin is acne prone and I still tend to breakout every now and then, I intend to have these products in my shelf for emergency.

I am so happy to share my story and I hope it helps someone struggling with the same skin concern.

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Cleanser Cosrx Low pH Good morning gel cleanser: It’s super gentle and is great for all skin types. Composed of botanical extracts and mild acids that help exfoliate the skin without irritating it, prevent breakouts and can be used daily as part of your skin care regimen.


Cosrx BHA A sol: A mild exfoliating, moisturising toner that helps control pimples and also speeds up acne healing. This toner is not just your regular toner but it  has been designed to effectively control breakouts and speed up healing. It can be either applied as a toner with cotton pad or used as a treatment essence on the new pimples/breakout areas  by dabbing the liquid on the concerned areas.This product contains alcohol as the second ingredient, however  alcohol here acts as  a disinfectant and prevents infection. Propolis as the main ingredient helps to soothe,repair,hydrate skin and has anti-microbial properies that prevents bacterial growth. It also contains moisturing ingredients like sodium hyaluronate and allantoin that overall balances out the alcohol in the product.


COSRX BHA Emulsion: This is a very light weight lotion/Moisturiser and is the perfect solution for those with oily to combination skin who also deals with acne breakouts, since it’s deeply hydrating while being lightweight and pore-clearing.
Its main key ingredient Centella asiatica extract water repairs and hydrate skins while the BHA helps to mildy exfoliate the pores and keeping it clear of excess sebum and dead cells that causes pore clogging.


By Yilano

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