How I managed acne on my sensitive skin

There are very few brands that work beyond the advertised claims, the Professional Prescription Skincare brand Troiareuke is one such brand that surprised me with its amazing performance. This brand believes in providing a personalized prescription with their products created by professionals with 27 years of experience in skincare.

My skin is very dry, sensitive and acne prone

I have a very complex  and sensitive skin .My skin reacts badly to many acne treatment products, the salicylic acid used in these products actually makes my dry skin even drier, itchy and I end up with more breakouts.

When I first learned about Troiareuke products, I found them too good to be true and also a few of their products do contain salicylic acid but still, I wanted to give them a try as I was mainly intrigued by their ACSEN line, made for ACNE prone and SENSITIVE skin, as not many brands target both skin issues together. Their products have a good balance of exfoliating acne treating ingredients and skin calming, moisturizing and healing ingredients.

Key ingredients that worked for my skin type.

The two main ingredients of ACSEN line are Centella Asiatica in high concentration and Selemix AN.  Troiareuke was actually one of the first few brands to extensively use the now-famous Centella Asiatica in the skincare, Centella helps in calming and repairing the skin. The Selemix An is the unique amalgam of soybean sprout and Mongolia tree bark. The soybean sprout moisturizes, recovers and protect the skin while the Mongolia tree bark kills bacteria in the skin and reduces inflammation.

The ACSEN Oil Cut Cleansing was my first product from this brand and even till date I always have a backup of this oil-free, soap-free gel cleanser.  This cleanser employs the micro emulsion system and is to be used on dry skin. Whenever I have this cleanser in my routine, I see less breakout, bright balanced skin, and surprisingly reduced pores size. Doesn’t matter what the skin type is, if one has sensitivity issue or acne or both, this cleaner is definitely a rescuer.

Their ACSEN TOC Toner is the other stunning product, which I absolutely adore for its skin calming, brightening and acne controlling ability. TOC stands for skin Turn Over Cycle. An unbalanced skin TOC is either too high or too low, which can be one of the primary reason for the multiple skin concerns. This toner actually stabilizes the skin TOC to a healthy rate, thereby reducing the frequency of breakouts. It contains a high concentration of Centella Asiatica, a good fraction of sulfur, a low percentage of salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Also, this is the only salicylic acid based toner that I can use daily without any skin irritation, apparently another reason why I trust this brand so much.

Finally, another impressive product from this brand is the AGT Hydro Essence,  AGT stands for Amino Acid Gel Technique. This product contains fermented aloe filtrate and has a thicker consistency than the conventional gel, but due to the fast penetration technique, the gel gets absorbed instantly without any stickiness leaving skin dewy, soft and bright. Also, I love that it can be used at any step of routine to treat dehydrated skin; sometimes I enjoy using it at essence step or use it as a light moisturizer or I use it beneath a regular thick cream or if I am in a need of special treatment, I apply almost 0.5 cm of thick layer and use it as a sleeping mask.

Troiareuke is a brand that i would definitely recommend to  anyone who is dealing with sensitive, acne or anyone looking for a gentle routine to improve the health of their skin.

Shelley Nayak

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