• [COSRX] Low pH First Cleansing Milk Gel

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    A low-irritant primary cleanser that gently removes sunscreen and base makeup.


    COSRX Low pH First Cleansing Milk Gel is  a first step cleanser  of double cleansing that gently removes oil impurities like sunscreen and base makeup without irritation, , and is suitable for all skin type. Having pH level 5.5, which is close to the pH level of skin itself, this milky gel type cleanser effectively work on your skin. Witch Hazel and Allantoin soothe and moisturize skin, maintaining the hydration even after finishing cleansing. Lightweight white cream changes its color/texture to transparent gel, without leaving sticky finish. follow up with a water based cleanser.


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    Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Kit-PRICE-Rs3459;OFFER PRICE-Rs.3100
    (Pore Care / Oily Skin)

    This starter kit is to help you get started on the basic korean skincare step of double cleansing everday and exfoliating once or twice a week to exfoliate away dead cells and allow your other skincare products to effectively  work on your skin,

  • Advanced snail 96 mucin power essence

    5.00 out of 5

    Made with all-natural domestic 96% snail secretion filtrate, the Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence is a Real Power Essence that transform the skin while keeping in the moisture and encouraging the real power of skin in a healthy way. It replenishes nutrients to the skin to prevent and repair damages and fills the skin with elasticity for a healthier, younger looking skin. Snail mucin has the ability to repair everything from dry patches, to acne breakouts,lightening hyperpigmentation with regular use.

  • AHA / BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

    AHA / BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

    4.67 out of 5

    The AHA/BHA   gently exfoliates dead cells, controls sebum and helps keep your pores clear,made with all natural ingredients.The AHA Clarifying Treatment Toner  hydrates and rejuvinate the skin while preventing whiteheads, blackheads, and blemishes for the perfect flawless skin you deserve,

  • AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner 150ml

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    works as effective exfoliator to leave skin cleaner and more radiant than before !
    Get baby soft skin in just 30 days.
    The best miracle toner you must try in life!
    The relief of your skin.
    Perfect exfoliator toner to use everyday!
    Low Ph Toner – Suitable for sensitive skin, dry skin and oily skin.

    how to use:After cleansing in the morning and evening, take an appropriate amount on a cotton swab, wipe it off along with the texture of the skin, and let it absorb lightly.


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    Formulated with 80%Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water  to soothe and moisturise irritated dry skin,snail secretion filtrate  for skin repair and 0.5% salicylic acid for exfoliating and controlling sebum.Aloe BHA skin toner preps your skin for better absorption of skincare steps.


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    Transform the look of your skin with Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence, a moisturising and reparative solution infused with Korea’s best kept beauty secret, Snail Secretion Filtrate.

    Rich in protein and vitamins, Snail Filtrate helps to smoothen and improve skin texture. Combined with 2% Bee Venom, EGF (a Nobel prize ingredient) and a host of botanical-based natural ingredients, the filtrate-infused essence delivers skin-lifting and age-fighting benefits; it melts into skin to hydrate, repair and relieve rough, damaged patches whilst diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier. Cooling and moisturising, the all-in-one formula lends the complexion a brighter, smoother look. Unscented.

  • Benton Tea Tree Cleansing Water 200ml

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    Infused with Tea Tree Leaf Water and Tea Tree Leaf Oil, this cleansing water mildly cleanses your skin, leaving skin refreshed and calm.

  • BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

    BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

    5.00 out of 5

    Suffering from blackheads,blemishes and  clogged pores ?? The BHA blackhead power liquid helps keeps your pores clean by deep cleansing your pores  preventing  blackhead formation,while exfoliating away dead cells,keeping your skin clean and glowing .PREVENT BLACKHEADS BEFORE THEY FORM!!

    **BHA  is an oil soluble ingredient that dissolve the excess sebum(oil) that clogs pores and  helps balance oil and control acne.

    Use only   2-3 times  week at night with a cotton pad .

    **Do not use AHA,Vitamin C or Retinol at the same application as the BHA blackhead liquid.

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    COSRX Blackhead Remover Mr.Rx Kit

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    The Step 1 Softening Sheet helps open up pores to dissolve blackheads smoothly.
    The Step 2 Clearing Sheet helps to extract blackheads and other wastes from pores.
    The Step 3 Relaxing Sheet helps to close the enlarged pores and aids in relieving irritated skin.

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    Egg White Pore Mask

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    A pore-refining mask with egg white extract that penetrates deeply into pores to remove pore-clogging oil.

  • Gentle Black Deep Cleansing OilGentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

    Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil

    4.50 out of 5

    KLAIRS’ Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil is composed of various vegetable oils that are helpful for skin care. Easily washable texture allows mild yet effective cleansing of dirt and makeup without causing any trouble or irritation. Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil is the best cleanser to maintain skins moisture even after cleansing.

    Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil is composed of natural oils extracted from Black bean to control sebum production and provide skin soothing. Black sesame oil with antioxidant  effects and Black currant seed oil that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Experience the  hypo-allergenic formula for sensitive skin.