Skincare Routine

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    Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Kit-PRICE-Rs3750 ;OFFER PRICE-Rs.3000
    (Pore Care / Oily Skin)

    This starter kit is to help you get started on the basic korean skincare step of double cleansing everday and exfoliating once or twice a week to exfoliate away dead cells and allow your other skincare products to effectively  work on your skin,

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    5.00 out of 5

    The Acne starter kit is comprised of hand picked products tested and raved by many.This kit is especially for those of you struggling with severe breakouts and are confused about which product to use. This kit consist of light weight absorbing products that will help prevent breakouts without irritating the skin .

    This kit  consists of

    1.COSRX Acne Pimple master patch-RS250
    2.COSRX BHA A sol-Rs 1250
    3.COSRX BHA Emulsion-Rs 1350


  • petitfee gold hydrogel eye patch

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    Petitfee Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch Plus 5 Golden Complex moisturizes, soothes, regenerates your skin, and is known to reverse skin damage as well as have natural healing powers. It makes your eye area healthy and firm up. The Hydrogel Mask Pack – Hydro Gel is water in the form of jelly that gives skin exceptional hydration and it attach closely to skin without sliding off.

    • Contain Ginseng, Bird’s Nest, Collagen & Rose Flower Water
    • +5 Golden Complex 24K Gold
  • Some by mi-Galactomyces Pure Vitamin C Glow Serum 30ml

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    Brightening and whitening dual function serum.

    Two Powerful key ingredients to brighten, soften and promote cell renewal to reveal more radiant,glowing skin.
    This Serum Contains 75% galactomyces Ferment filtrate the ultimate brightening,anti-aging powerhouse combined with enriched stabilised Vitamin C another brightening power ingredient and 10 vitamins to brighten dull complexion,lighten blemishes and scars,even-tone and lighten skin to reveal a glowing radiant complexion.Sodium hyaluronate,Allantoin, Propolis extract that aids in the reduction of trans-epidermal water loss- a fancy way to say that it seals in all the moisture from your nightly routines, making your skincare all the more effective! while niacinamide and adenosine combines to leave skin looking younger and brighter.

    This concentrated essence glides onto skin and absorbs easily with just a few pats, making it perfect for day and night. Treat your skin to this essence to achieve a clearer, more even complexion!

    Patented ingredients for a Flawless ,Procelain skin.

    Key ingredients Great for skin: Bambusa Extract,Houttuniya cordata extract,White Mushroom Extract,Jeju Broccoli Extract,Calendula extract,spirulina extract,superberry complex
    Tested and Tried on all skin type however
    **contains lavender oil which may irritate a few with very sensitive skin**

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    TIAM#vitamin Brightening set-My Signature C Source 30ml + TIAM My Signature A+ Cream 50ml

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    Tiam My signature A cream:

    A hydrating cream that delivers intense hydration while brightening and improving skin elasticity. With a lightweight texture that spreads smoothly on the skin, this cream helps in treating acne scars, replenishing vitality to damaged and stress skin and keeping your skin healthy. This low-pH cream is perfect for dull and uneven skin in need of brightening or a more smoother complexion.

    Usage:Every morning and night, spread the cream at the end of the basic skin care.
    Lightly pet on your face with the tips of your hand to help the cream be absorbed better

    Tiam My signature C source:s a Vitamin C Serum with 20% pure Vitamin C. This powerful serum brightens and brings back radiance to the skin, while removing blackheads and treating pigmentation from acne scars.

    Tip:use only at night after toner step.

    **store it in the fridge to extend shelf life**

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    VITAMIN JUNKIE PACKAGE:total value-5100 / offer-10%off-INR 4590

    5.00 out of 5

    Glowing skin for the Holidays ahead.!!!Vitamin Junkie Package is designed for those who want faster, more powerful vitamin effects.
    Experience the best of vitamin care with this package.

    Holiday season is party season and that means putting your best face forward. For a tried
    -and-true holiday look, focus on luminous, glowing skin that looks lit from within.
    “The better your skin looks, the better makeup in general will look,”
    Perfect, glowing skin– with the BYwishtrend Vitamin Junkie package,guaranteed to keep your
    skin glowing and radiant .
    Bywishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5- use a few drops at night after toner step to  brighten up your overall skintone and texture.It is formulated with 10 essential ingredients for a fast and effective result. Containing 70% Vitamin Tree,it adds moisture to the skin. Panthenol and Allantoin allows high concentrate vitamin serum for an extended period of time, without irritation. ** use only at Night***
    For instant brightening effect- apply the vitamin C serum,followed by vitamin 21.5 masksheetfor 15 minutes,remove masksheet, pat skin and moisturize skin with the Vitamin 75 maximising Cream.
    The By Wishtrend Vitamin 75 Maximizing Cream is a vitamin cream to rejuvenate the skin from inside with hydration to leave a refreshing finish. Consisting 75% vitamin tree water and Vitamin E it prevents the appearance of aging and loss of elasticity.