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Dear Klairs Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad


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Double sided cotton pad to maximize the effect of your skincare routine.

A two in one cotton pad to maximize the effect of your skincare routine. The compressed pad wipes away irritants and gently exfoliates to create soft and smooth skin while the sponge pad soaks up the perfect amount of toner to deliver full hydration to the skin. 60 compressed pads + 60 sponge pads


Compressed Cotton Pad: 100% cotton

Sponge Cotton Pad: Pulp/Rayon Blend

How to Use

After cleansing, soak the compressed cotton pad with the toner and gently wipe the face. Soak the sponge pad with the toner and gently pat the skin to promote full absorption.

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16 reviews for Dear Klairs Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad

  1. pialobo474

    I have been using these cotton pads since June 2018 with the Klairs Supple Preparation Toner. The two types are very useful. The compressed ones are good to remove the makeup and the sponge pads does a great job to evenly apply the toner on the skin. My skin is acne prone and this did not cause any reactions.

  2. richeeksh (verified owner)

    The compressed pads are very useful for removing makeup. I use them with the klairs cleansing oil. And I use the sponge pads to apply the klairs unscented toner.

  3. anishadsouza97 (verified owner)

    I use the compressed cotton pad to wipe away any impurities left after cleansing and then use the sponge cotton pad to dab the toner and gently wipe my face with it or just pat my face with the klairs unscented toner.

  4. dildeepdureja (verified owner)

    I have used a huge variety of cotton pads and struggled with lose lint and too much product absorption which leads to its wastage. Quality of cotton pads makes noticeable difference in skin texture too. Klairs has given the best which could be offered. The sponge ones i use for toner applications and it is way better than using hands and the other ones i use with my aha bha exfoliation.

  5. bratati.datta88 (verified owner)

    I have used loads of cotton pads for applying toner or chemical exfoliator. Trust me, none is good like this one. As u all know, dear klairs is a brand which is dedicated to the sensitive skin care. So these pads are not rough or harsh to irritate ur skin. Of course u r not meant to rub this vigorously on ur face. But I am pretty happy with this. While used with Chemical exfoliator they pick up the grimes and oils and dead cells very smoothly.

  6. amritarajputr14 (verified owner)

    I rip the 5 layer ones into 2 pieces because they tend to soak up a lot of product but i like the texture on them they work well as a mild exfoliant as for the sponge pads though they’re very effective for toner and essence especially for making those diy sheetmasks in general they save a lot more product than the generic thick cotton pads but I tend to not use these for makeup removal they just soak up all the remover(5 compressed layers one) or release too much on applying slight pressure(sponge type ones) if that makes sense.

  7. rheaphiliprokz

    I love love love this product! My sister got it for me last summer and it’s helped to properly and evenly apply skincare on to my skin. It’s super soft and absorbant. Large enough that you could cut it and use smaller bits.

  8. tanu.tanu.roy80

    If you want to make your own customized sheet mask then this cotton pads are the perfect material to make it.
    Put some toner Or essence into it and place it nicely on you skin. Wait for 5 mins and pat down the excess product.
    Tis pads are made of really high quality cotton. Extremely gentle on skin. Love it.

  9. supritak7

    These pads are not rough or harsh to irritate ur skin. Of course u r not meant to rub this vigorously on ur face. But I am pretty happy with this. While used with Chemical exfoliator they pick up the grimes and oils and dead cells very smoothly.

  10. lovelipsticks.xoxo

    Premium quality cotton pads. Extremely soft texture. My sensitive skin just love these. Highly recommended.

  11. moni.mybeauty

    Great product. It doesn’t soak up much product so there is no fear of wasting your expensive toners.

  12. Aarzoo Khan (verified owner)

    Very nice product.I really like it????

  13. mdnvv149

    This cottons pads are essential while using cleanser and toner. Very good quality material. Easy to use, and it improves the effectiveness of toner. The price is little high, but still quality wise a good deal.

  14. srishtixcvii

    Good for making one’s own sheet masks especially with dehydrated skin

  15. mdnvv149

    This cotton pads have multi purposes. Very easy to use and made up of good quality material. Considering the price, one gets a good number of pads. So it’s a great deal at this price.

  16. Sarah Sailo (verified owner)

    Best cotton pads . Very less wastage ! Amazing !

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