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Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid 100ml


(70 customer reviews)

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Experience a whole new level of exfoliation with the new, innovative BHA Blackhead Power Liquid which transforms your skin.

How about kicking those blackheads to the curb before it happens, with the Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid. Experience a whole new level of exfoliation with the new, innovative BHA Blackhead Power Liquid which transforms your skin! With a light texture, Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid works with your skin over time to soften and clear your skin with whitening effects for a more even skin tone. Ready for a change? COSRX is here to make it happen.


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Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid Ingredients: Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Water, Butylene Glycol, Betaine Salicylate, Niacinamide, 1,2-Hexanediol, Arginine, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Hexanediol.

How to Use

Pump the essence onto a cotton pad and gently wipe off face avoiding lip and eye area.

Recommend to use 2-3 times in a week, and gradually build up the usage according to the skin condition

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70 reviews for Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid 100ml

  1. heyitsneetulama (verified owner)

    If you have oily/combo/prone to acne skin and are fed up of using physical exfoliators (scrubs) because you either end up hurting your skin or they just doesn’t work, then start using chemical exfoliators! (It’s not really as scary as it sounds) This and AHA 7 Whitehead Power Liquid by CosRX is like water for a half-dead-thirsty person. I’m not even kidding. Just beware to not over-exfoliate and work your way up using it once a week. Also remember to wear sunscreen at day as these maje your skin sun sensitive.

  2. kniveditha94 (verified owner)

    I never believed cosrx bha would do such a magic until i experienced the holy grail product…it is such an amazing exfoliator…cleared my black heads and acne…will definitely recommend this…i feel my skin has become smoother …really loving it…gonna purchase again a d again

  3. moon2shine9 (verified owner)

    This does brighten your skin,not white or fairer, you know glow from within. And it exfoliates very well, I have the AHA Whitehead liquid too..I was experimenting this two together. Do not use it together … I use BHA today, next day vit c serim, another day AHA, another day snail mucin coxrx serum… I saw result better that way.
    Every skin are not the same, I am obsessed with clear skin since I was young even a tiny bump wont let it get through me, research, experiment first.
    ~VHKim… beauty inside out .. eat well n healthy

  4. namrata341 (verified owner)

    It does what it says. I use it twice a week. It’s like miracle water if one has clogged pores… it is living up to all the hype it received. If one has oily skin clogged pores and blackheads don’t think twice. Go for it

  5. dildeepdureja

    I love this product because its milder than AHA liquid and it works so well on my oily skin. It leaves my skin squeaky clean. Its a must have for those with oiky and acne prone skin.

  6. Xoxomeanie

    Definitely cosrx is a brand that deserves hype. I have used this and clearly saw a difference in my skin. If you are using this, make sure to apply sunscreen of minimum spf 30 because it can make skin sensitive.

  7. teja.perineni (verified owner)

    I bought my second bottle from beautybarn recently ! I was always troubled with hormonal acne! Its my monthly recurring nightmare! And this holy grail BHA from cosrx has solved my problem. The appearances of acne has become lesser. My skin has never been better since i have incorporated BHA and AHA in my routine!! LOOOOOVE this product.

  8. readerthedreamer

    I can’t stop raving about this product, it is so effective on acne. My holy grail product. Please restock this soon.

  9. srkarsubarna (verified owner)

    This definitely works especially on pimples.For me this helped me clear out my pimples nd small bumps that were not rash but not pimples either.this will take some time to work but it will work..and a little goes a long way…i will definitely buy this again.

  10. rooparaghav5

    This is definitely outstanding products it not only control the blackhead formation but also helps to clear out overall complexion it’s mildest product for blackhead & result is long term as well !!

  11. srividhya.surendran (verified owner)

    I have severe hormonal cystic acne all over my face. Read a lot about Cosrx BHA liquid and started using along with Cosrx gentle morning cleanser and cosrx pimple patch. I apply this liquid every alternate day on my face. It has reduced the redness/darkness caused by the pimples, also helps in not spreading the puss. It has also improved my overall complexion. Its a great moisturiser as well which is very much needed in a dry city like Bangalore. I’ve been using for past 2 months and it works slowly but definitely not harsh. Happy with cosrx products 🙂

  12. parijat_chowdhury (verified owner)

    ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE FOR ACNE PRONE SKIN. Really opened up my clogged pores and massively helped with my hormonal acne in just one month. plus the product is really cost effective because a little goes a long way. been using for 4 months still haven’t finished my first bottle.

  13. pbrinda51 (verified owner)

    this is one of the best exfoliators that I have used. it helped me clear my blackheads and also to tighten my pores. the consistency is a bit to heavy for my combination skin but after 5 minutes of applications the solution gets absorbed and it no longer feels sticky.

  14. (verified owner)

    Good for blackheads and clogged pores. Works great with my oily skin.

  15. akritilovlife

    Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Actually from my own experience and a couple of friends’ I can say this is not for sensitive skin.

  16. moirangthemsophia04 (verified owner)

    I was hoping to try it out and review, was so excited when ordering it but it has been a week the product has not arrived yet when I live in the North East region, is it supposed to take this long? So disappointed I don’t know anymore

  17. yashy1164 (verified owner)

    It’s one of those products that i want to love but honestly it doesn’t live up to the HYPE! I’ve been using this bha power liquid from the last couple of months and I’ve sensitive skin with oily t-zone and have the worst blackhead prone skin and bug visible pores. It does help with the clogged pores and dry out those cystic acne whenever i use this but i dont see much difference in the pores and blackheads. My pores looks less visible the next day of using this but you can not use this everyday as over exfoliation will mess up your skin barrier and eventually your skin.
    So, all in all i find this product “average” but still better than using those physical scrub because it’s gentle on the skin.

  18. sarkar.anamikaa (verified owner)

    This can be used only 2/3 times a week, it is quite strong. It peels off top layers of the skin. Good chemical exfoliator.

  19. juhi92saggi (verified owner)

    Pimples definitely reduce in size if it is applied. Skin is visibly brighter, as this one penetrates deep in skin.But somehow this is not 100 % effective. We cant over use this one as too much chemical exfoliation will make skin too sensitive.
    Thanks beauty barn for making this available in India. 🙂

  20. amritarajputr14 (verified owner)

    its really good for clogged pores blackheads makes my skin pretty smooth and doesn’t feel harsh or sting at all plus it has some hydrating ingredients so it doesnt feel drying with regular use it’ll probably clear up blackheads but im way too inconsistent to do that lol

  21. karyn.martin (verified owner)

    My skin is very used to acids so wasn’t sure if this would work, but I have been using this for a month now and my skin keeps improving every day.

    I use it after cleaning my face in the toner step and leave it for 20 minutes then continue. This method increased the efficiency of the toner/ serum.

    Only use it in the night, 2 days this one and then the AHA whitehead liquid on the third day and repeat.

  22. shakti.sharma15895 (verified owner)

    I highly recommend the COSRX BHA if you are on the lookout for a gentle BHA. It feels like silky water and spreads very easily. Gives the skin a glow, treats hyperpigmentation, unclogs pores, prevents breakouts, and provides some hydration.

  23. srishtixcvii

    Does get rid of blackheads. Actually.
    I was so skeptical of this but from the first time I used it to now this still surprises me. As I rub this into my face the blackheads start coming out. I can see them leaving my face it’s grossly satisflying lol GET THIS NOW!!

  24. sunaina.y (verified owner)

    I’ve used it a few times now and so far my skin hasn’t shown any sensitivity. I apply it only at night and my skin feels really good. The instructions say that it should be put on a cotton swab and applied all over the face. However that wastes a lot of product!! So I just take a few drops in my hand and apply a thin layer all over my face with my fingers.

  25. brinz16 (verified owner)

    This is my first BHA product and it works well. It’s mild and doesn’t irritate my skin.

  26. mishaele.shabong (verified owner)

    Been using this for about 3 months now. I use it about 3 times a week at night. Although all my blackheads are not gone, they have definitely decreased and my skin has also become clearer and smoother. I am also getting less pimples than before.

  27. gurmukhdas.pamnani25

    Love this treatment! It really does dissolve blackheads, way better than ripping them out with a Biore strip or one of those awful black masks

  28. kajalnagar94 (verified owner)

    Reduced blackheads to a great extent and a great exfoliator .. thi was my first and most loved BHA ..

  29. riyasaluja94 (verified owner)

    I don’t use this regularly but when ever I use this my skin definitely look brighter, pores get less visible and definitely reduce blackhead at some extent..a very good exfoliator..but on my skin it stingsss.. as I have super sensetive skin..

  30. karan.pamnani25

    One of the most hyped product of Cosrx. Best method to remove blackhead, dead skin. Helps to unclog pores. Good for oily skin.

  31. tanu.tanu.roy80

    This product is so amazing. It not, only clears out my black heads also prevents them forming back. Just amazing. Love it.

  32. jigmetdolo (verified owner)

    It has only been a few days that I have been using this and it’s still too early to say anything but from what I have noticed it does make your skin feel smooth and it is an exfoliant and that too extremely gentle, although it says 2-3 times a week but I have been using it day and night but of course you have to avoid retinol, Vit c and Aha products, it did not irritate my skin at all, it also works on white heads and zits in general, love it and gonna be using it religiously.

  33. mythili.prabaharan13 (verified owner)

    Amazing product. I use this product twice a week, as I started using it 2 months ago. exfoliates gently.
    Good one. Love it 🙂

  34. preetiravindra17 (verified owner)

    If you oily and sensitive skin, this is going to be your best friend. This is the one active formula that I believe every oily girl should have. I get severe acne and most of them are pus-filled cysts. This managed to reduce the occurrence, though not stop it.. for that you need medication. But, it is a great help in combatting the skin conditions alongside. Since I am used to salicylic acid, I use every alternate day, others might start from once a week.

  35. manishabilonia (verified owner)

    It does what it claims. If you’ve got oily skin with blackheads around your nose this is the product to go for. No more trying to extract them and irritate your skin ‘coz blackhead power liquid does that for you. I started using it once a week and gradually increased to 2-3times a week and definitely noticed difference on my nose and overall skin texture. The bigger blackheads on my nose were almost reduced to a negligible size plus using it for sometime does impart a glow to your face too. So it’s a win win situation for you girls.

  36. Drusilla Khiangte (verified owner)

    I like this product but I think it’s overhype. It definitely decongest my pores the morning after I used it. Also It comes with alot of product, it will definitely last me for about 5 or 6 months. I also love the simple ingredient list and that it include niacinamide. But for me, it doesn’t do it’s main claim for me i.e. clearing up my blackheads. I have been using this for over a month and no visible result regarding removing my blackheads. It’s a good BHA exfoliator which decongest and brighten my skin for me.

  37. supritak7

    I highly recommend the COSRX BHA if you are on the lookout for a gentle BHA. It feels like silky water and spreads very easily. Gives the skin a glow, treats hyperpigmentation, unclogs pores, prevents breakouts, and provides some hydration. Definitely gonna repurchase it.

  38. afrinazahir (verified owner)

    Holy grail for acne prone oily skin … weekly twice usage at night is best .. alongside sunscreen in the morning

  39. ankesha.yadav15 (verified owner)

    A very effective and mild exfoliant for oily/acne prone skin types. This has become my holy Grail in 2 weeks of use. It gently removes all my dead skin cells along with excess sebum while hydrating my skin. Also this is highly effective solution for Fungal acne. Must try!!

  40. Pavithra G (verified owner)

    Best chemical exfoliator , i have a sensitive skin so i use weekly once its a holy grail product. Mild exfoliate

  41. electricquiet123 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this!

    Before using this, I used another bha serum given by my dermatologist. It used to make my skin extremely dry and dull. This one has hyaluronic acid which does not dry out my skin and gives me a glow.

  42. Smiley Suri (verified owner)

    This product is itself magical… it does what it says . Cosrx has been coming up with range of best skin products one could ever imagine . This liquid works best as applied after AHA/BHA clarifying toner .

  43. moni.mybeauty

    Read a lot about Cosrx BHA liquid and started using along with Cosrx gentle morning cleanser and cosrx pimple patch. I apply this liquid every alternate day on my face. It has reduced the redness/darkness caused by the pimples, also helps in not spreading the puss. It has also improved my overall complexion. Its a great moisturiser as well which is very much needed in a dry city like Bangalore. I’ve been using for past 2 months and it works slowly but definitely not harsh. Happy with cosrx products

  44. vikonoksh (verified owner)

    A must have if you have blackheads. My sister asked me to try it out. I was skeptical and a little scared ???? but it’s worth a try. But mind you, it takes a while to work it’s magic so be a little patient. Also, always follow necessary precautions while applying bha (look it up, before applying bha). Chemical exfoliants like bha,aha, etc are much better than other forms of exfoliant. The term “chemical” might freak you out a little but it’s more gentle and effective. Try it out!

  45. Keerthi Babu

    Holy Grail!! I have acne prone sensitive combination skin..I experienced purging the 1st month I used but I never gave up hoping that good skin is on the way..I absolutely love this..My skin cleared out , half of my stubborn blackhead are vanished..just close your eyes and go for it..I use it twice a week, for the initial 1st month I used it once a week.. whenever it’s in stock hurry nd purchase coz this always goes out of stock in almost every website.

  46. Chipemmi Jajo (verified owner)

    This really helps with excess sebum production ,acne problem and blemishes.

  47. santrasuba (verified owner)

    Thank you beauty barn best service ever!!! I got my hands on this beauty today …..will provide my update after usage..

  48. lovelipsticks.xoxo

    Definitely cosrx is a brand that deserves hype. I have used this and clearly saw a difference in my skin. The number of breakouts i usually get has reduced significantly. I have also noticed some improvements in my enlarged pores. Amazing product!

  49. suhapatrawala522 (verified owner)

    This bha is my FAV! Really gives me good texture! I have combo acne prone skin…

  50. shrav1620

    Thank you beauty barn for introducing me to this. i got to know about this product. did some research and from then i am in love with this

  51. eshathakur_91

    This is a strong toner, which should be used carefully. It’s better to use this solely, not with other exfoliants. It can take a while for the skin to get used to it. Suits oily, sensitive skin.

  52. kruthipr.1997 (verified owner)

    Fab product! I had bought this from another site but wasnt really satisfied with the delivery so I was in a search for other reliable websites and BeautyBarn Thankyou so much!!
    Coming to the product, it has helped me a lot in improving my skin by reducing hyperpigmentation and blemishes. Also it did help me fighting the blackheads. Just a heads up, we need to make sure that we dont overuse it.
    I know that this product is overhyped but it truly deserves all the hype!

  53. Jhumpuchu (verified owner)

    Decent exfoliating toner.
    Reduced my acne to some is not at all harsh on my sensitive skin however which is what i was scared of.i will repurchase it. Totally worth the money

  54. srishtixcvii

    Love this! Gets rid of blackheads would love to repurchase this from BeautyBarn as other sellers are selling it for more price!

  55. pravallikaprincess73 (verified owner)

    Good for blackheads and whiteheads.It takes about 1 month to see change.Improves Texture.

  56. bhargavivira01 (verified owner)

    It is truly amazing!
    I have never used any chemical exfoliator before. While my skin did purge, the toner was extremely gentle, and has reduced new acne formation.
    I would recommend using this just once a week initially and giving it 4-5 weeks to really see the effect.
    I would totally purchase this again and I’m going to try other CosRx products too!!

  57. karthik.karu2024

    i use this twice a week..
    it has 4 oercent salcylate which is actually equal to 2 percent salicyclic acid and i tub lasted m,e almost 6 to 7 months.. such a gentle formulations ..
    myacne prone skin loves this

  58. labybondy

    A great exfoliater. Mild yet effective. Dries out the skin a bit so will need a good really is a holy grail product.

  59. ganga.manoj98 (verified owner)

    Excellent product for beginners to chemical exfoliation. Very gentle and does not dry your face out. The texture is more watery than you would expect. Did not cause any purging and helped me clear some congestion around my nose, but unfortunately, did not help improve the appearance of sebaceous filaments. Incredibly economical though, considering this bottle is going to last you a longggg time. I’ve been using this for over two months and I still have around 90% left.

  60. ananyasharma.inovate

    I am writing this review after using this for 6 months and boy, my skin has never felt better. My skin is now more smooth and with visibly less blackheads. Also, the quantity is so much that it will last you for good 10 to 12 months. Just remember if you are new to bha game, then start slow – once a week initially then maybe twice or thrice a week.

  61. Jhumpuchu (verified owner)

    Great product,but do not get overwhelmed and use it day and night as the product will certainly destroy your skin.otherwise does wonders to the skin if used right way

  62. riya.agicha

    I could see a difference from the second usage itself. The recurrent appearance of my white heads around my nose substantially reduced in 2 uses.

  63. niharikabhaskar32

    I tried almost everything to get even textured skin but clogged pores, whitehead, blackheads ahh?this is really effective and better than any otherr products.

  64. gudiyarajan

    It is such an amazing exfoliator…cleared my black heads and acne,would totally purchase this again , it has helped me a lot in improving my skin by reducing hyperpigmentation and blemishes awesome

  65. (verified owner)

    One of the best bha product out there ❤ less irritating becoz it is made up of 4% willow bark water which is equal to 2 % salicylic acid. Great for oily skin. But dont over expect things. It controls sebum production to an extent but cant completely make u oil free. Then it does reduce the appearance of pores and prevents the coming of new pores. It does prevent acne and gives u a glowing skin with twice a week usage. But it cant remove very stubborn blackheads. Maybe use this more than twice a week just in the tip of the nose to tackle them in case u have it. Its texture is not oily or doesnt feel heavy on the skin like paulas choice..last more than yr with twice a week usage ( but must throw it away aftr an year) overall oily acne prone skin’s bff

  66. mdnvv149 (verified owner)

    This bha blackhead power liquid is really impressive. Recommended to use this once or twice a week. Daily usage may leads to over exfoliation. Using this properly gives good results.

  67. Kunal_7987654erfghgfd5tyh (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product. I had extremely oily and acne-prone skin but this product has made things so much better along with some good moisturizers. Acne? Gone! Excess Sebum? Gone! Blackheads? Gone! My skin feels healthy and glowing. Definitely bang for its buck because it’s gonna last a really long time for me. Had purchased it in the first week of October 2020 and I still have 80% left. Believe it when I say that this is an amazing investment for you. I generally use it just once a week and that’s enough for me. It did tingle my skin at the beginning but now it’s a normal part of my routine. You may increase its use up to 2 to 3 times a week but take care not to damage your skin barrier. It works perfectly fine for Indian skin, not drying or harsh at all. Just remember to eat healthy and use sunscreen regularly!

  68. anneshad57 (verified owner)

    This is a holy grail for me. It has reduced my blackheads and small bumps. I will repurchase this.

  69. M6# (verified owner)

    This is a beginner friendly chemical exfoliant. It is very gentle even for sensitive skin yet very effective. This help with my clogged pores and also even-up my skin texture.

  70. Saumya Singh (verified owner)

    It does help with the blackheads but being consistent is important. After few use the blackheads on the side of the nose disappear but it takes a good amount of time for the other ones. My skin type is oily.

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