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COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence


(130 customer reviews)

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The COSRX Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence is a cult favourite essence loaded with 96% snail mucin extract to replenish and repair damaged skin to its healthiest.

The COSRX Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence is a cult favourite essence loaded with 96% snail mucin extract to replenish and repair damaged skin to its healthiest. Snail is known for its powerful skin-transforming and repairing properties. The snail Mucin helps the skin to prevent and repair damages and fills the skin with elasticity for healthier, younger-looking skin. Snail mucin has the ability to repair everything from dry patches, to acne breakouts, lightening hyperpigmentation with regular use.

Best suited for all skin types.


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Ingredients; Snail Secretion Filtrate, Betaine, Butylene Glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin, Ethyl Hexanediol, Carbomer, Panthenol, Arginine.

How to Use

1) After cleansing/toner step.

2) Dispense an appropriate amount on hands at the essence stage and apply over the face in a gentle massaging motion.

3) Pat with fingertips to promote absorption.

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130 reviews for COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

  1. Nidhi

    Essential for winters..

  2. shelley.nayak

    This is sensitive skin essential for all season! Snail mucin = Cosrx!! Simply love it! Improves overall skin condition and strengthens skin barrier over the time!!

  3. yehetmyohoratlay (verified owner)

    It goes on so smoothly on the skin, I love it. Sometimes when I need more hydration, I apply two or three layers of this product on my skin and it surprises me by how fast my skin absorbs this essence. Love it.

  4. Joanna (verified owner)

    It works like a dream in hydrating and restoring the skin !! It absorbs in a second even if I apply extra !!! Love this product!!

  5. Hukatoli

    My love for this product is beyond words.. I hv been using it for like mebbe 6-7 months and i still hv much left.. Use it day n night.. My skin lovez it.. It helped reduce my acne scars tho i had to use it for quite sometime to see the results but u kno how difficult it is to remove those scars, it also evened out my skin tone, gave a smooth texture and made my skin look like really really healthy.. I love this and this is goin to be my daily use product for the rest of my life unless i stumble upon something tht works bettr than this!

  6. Tapaswini Swain (verified owner)

    REVIEW: This is my first product from the well known brand Cosrx. I had never tried skin care products with snail mucin essence, so I was intrigued. By the way, this contains snail mucin extracts which naturally snail excretes to lubricate itself, so these extracts are filtered and used in several Korean brands like Mizon, Benton and Cosrx. This product however contains highest concentration that is 96 percent snail mucin filterate and hyaluronic acid. So it’s been 3 months I have been using it, I use it every night after toning. I have used nearly 40 percent of entire bottle . Another 3 months it can easily last. So I find it cost effective that way. So as soon as I took out, it felt thick and sticky, way more than ordinary one. But magically when I applied it on my face, it was lightweight, no heavy feeling, absorbed beautifully imparting healthy glow. Every morning my skin looks healthy and plump, fine lines do not look pronounced. Even if I use it on dry face, it doesn’t make my skin feel stretched or drying like Ordinary one. On moist face also it behaves similarly. The best thing is, it contains hyaluronic acid too. I like its packaging too, it’s spillproof and I have no fear of taking it while traveling like ordinary one which is made of glass bottle. So I researched a bit, and found snail essence has been used in Korean industry and several other countries in creating luxury skin care brands. Snail essence has lots of minerals and has anti aging benefits too. Recently owing to PCOD as well as highly drying weather and scorching heat of my place, my jawline was breaking out, and my cheeks were all red and irritated. It was then this product proved as an elixir. It soothes my skin and reduces redness and also breakouts clear super fast. The pain associated with hormonal breakouts too reduced a lot. I was surprised as it took care of hydration and treating redness and breakouts too. Ordinary hyaluronic acid does not do that. So I am super obsessed with this product. I took it back home, my sister applied it and she said her skin felt like a Baby’s ? face. She wanted to keep it with her ??, I had to gift her other things to distract her from it. ?? If you guys are sceptical using snail mucin essence, you can try Cosrx hyaluronic acid essence. Snail mucin is safe for usage and rather is beneficial for skin health. I have combination type sensitive skin.

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5, 0.5 deducted due to availability issues.

  7. heyitsneetulama (verified owner)

    I LOVE the benefit it provides with such good hydration. Although its an essence, you can easily use it as the serum part of your routine (I do!). I have not tried the snail essence by Benton or Mizon but with the almost same price point their quantity provided is way less than CosRX and that’s where CosRX surpass them.

  8. i_m_rajni

    I love this product, and cosrx is fast becoming my fav k-beauty brand. It feels a little weird at first, gooey and slimy in texture, but it absorbs beautifully on face, providing intense moisturization. Am using it mainly at night, along with other products, and it has never broken me out, and my skin is always soft in the morning.

  9. shalinilahiri (verified owner)

    I think this is biggest Holy Grail find of my new interest in K-beauty. I was actually so shocked as to how a little bead of this made my skin get some of its old plumpness and softness back? I think its a must must try. It also doesnt feel heavy or greasy and absorbs quite quickly – and you almost instantly feel its hydrating/nourishing effects.
    Lets hope the snails grow and multiply so we forever have this product.

  10. gbaby6680 (verified owner)

    This product is my first cosrx experience and it has left me with really soft and clear skin after two weeks of trial. There were no side effects like pimples and itching. It is unexpectedly very light and very hydrating. If you are confused whether it would work on your skin or not, I would say (for me who has extreme oily, acne prone and sensitive skin) go for it guys! I will surely try out other cosrx products and thank you, for making k-skincare easily available for purchase in India ❤️

  11. namrata341 (verified owner)

    I have oily skin and it works for me. Though the texture is sticky slimy, my skin easily absorbs it. I use it with the cosrx advanced snail 92 all in one cream. Amazing product. Now I need to find a serum or ampoule to go along with these two..

  12. moon2shine9 (verified owner)

    the texture like ur mucus ..jk.. when u apply it though it glides on smoothly and ur skin feels so smooth and luxurious .. this do what it claims, M LOVING SNAIL products.
    -Vhkim .. Beauty Inside out!!

  13. kitty.riya.1 (verified owner)

    My holy grail product for irritated skin. Gives such a nice glow !! Totally worth each penny.???

  14. sophylasuh (verified owner)

    Since my second pregnancy, I have not used anything on my face for more than 2 years. So now, whatever I apply on my face breaks me out. After much skin research on the internet, I came across this product and decided to go for it since the ingredients list was very less, hence a target oriented product. It’s exactly been a week of using the snail mucin essence and no breakouts so far. Rather, my skin is feeling very hydrated and the redness on my cheeks is nowhere to be seen. Along with the Cosrx suncreen, this product has done wonders to my skin! Will definitely recommend this for those who have dry and dehydrated skin!!!

  15. aheli (verified owner)

    The idea of an essence and that too of snail mucin is unheard of in the Indian market. So when I stumbled upon this baby, I was really interested to try it out. After using it for around 3 months I can say that it has not disappointed me. Immediately gives a healthy glow upon usage and face feels amazing. An added bonus is that it is great for sensitive, acne-prone skin like mine. Heals and fades ugly acne scars. I got this in August and use it twice a day regularly and am still not halfway of the bottle. So a little goes a long way. A must buy and a great investment for your skin, worth every penny.

  16. shakti.sharma15895 (verified owner)

    It is a slightly sticky transparent gel, you apply all over your face and within second you have a very hydrated and glowing skin. Also, I love how it’s water-based and the consistency because it absorbs quickly into the skin and a little goes a long way.

  17. shakti.sharma15895 (verified owner)

    It is a slightly sticky transparent gel, you apply all over your face and within second you have a very hydrated and glowing skin. Also, a little goes a long way. It works well on my combination acne prone skin.

  18. aienlamollier25

    It’s light texture is perfect for my combination-oily skin. In less than a year, it has helped fade my acne scars (which were a result of me forcibly popping them ?) to a great extent. And also, one bottle has lasted with me for two summers.

  19. pooja.namrata (verified owner)

    I cant live without this. My skin type is dry. It gives my skin amazingly great hydration. you can use this product anytime.
    I love the slimy texture. Quantity & quality wise is best. <3

  20. dbarman77 (verified owner)

    I like the texture and but i didnot find any difference after using I did not know whether it suited me or not ?

  21. kajalnagar94 (verified owner)

    In love with this one ! Girls just go n grab it .. you will feel a difference in your skin

  22. ritzdev15 (verified owner)

    This product is my first cosrx experience and I’m loving it. I’m a person who uses chemical peel quite often so it tend to dry out skin a little, and then this product came to the rescue, totally loving it.
    It hydrated and evens the skin tone.

  23. (verified owner)

    Always wanted to add a snail mucin product to my skincare routine. And I must say it’s not disappointed me. I use it in the night routine after the first essence and befor a serum and it gives me such a soothing feeling as I have got sensitive skin. I have noticed a very huge positive change in my skin in terms of its texture and hydration level. though there are other amazing products I layer with this essence. And they are all working together to give me the skin I desire. But I will always have one snail mucin product in my skincare routine because the benefits of snail mucin can’t be ignored. Just google it and you will know what I m talking about and why? Come on girls just pick it up and thank me later.

  24. 28thsakura (verified owner)

    The best product from COSRX till date.
    Gives instant hydration.
    Gives instant glow to the skin.
    Helps in reducing the size of your acne. By next day it will be small in size.
    You need very little of the product for whole face.
    My skin type is combination with hormonal acne.

  25. 28thsakura (verified owner)

    The best product from COSRX till date.
    Great for reducing acne.
    My skin type is combination with hormonal acne.

  26. aishwaryasingh1695 (verified owner)

    Cosrx has become my favourite post this product. The sheer glow you see on your skin after applying this is amazing.
    -Hydrates the skin
    -Calms it down
    -Suitable for oily-acne prone skin
    -Reduces fungal acne
    -Value for money
    A Must have skin care product.

  27. bratati.datta88 (verified owner)

    A few months back I was so worried about my skin. I was loosing the moisture, pores were getting bigger and meaner and bumps appeared on my face. Horrific, right?

    A friend suggested me to indulge in korean goodies. So I did. After lot of reading, I bought this. And girls, so right I was. Only 1/6th of the bottle is empty and my skin is glowing from the deepest layer, moisture balance restored.

    1. It is colorless, odorless essence, a bit slimy (u know, snails).
    2. Comes in a very handy and good quality pump bottle. Two squeezes cover whole face and neck.
    3. Never gave my skin any issues. Never.

  28. Xoxomeanie

    This is amazing. It suits my sensitive, acne prone skin like magic. I am in love with this product. Thank u beautybarn

  29. richeeksh (verified owner)

    Among all the essences I’ve tried so far, this baby is the only one that didn’t cause any breakouts. It does what it claims. I’m halfway through with the bottle and will definitely buy it again!

  30. lyra56238 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product. I use it as a moisturizer since I have oily skin and it works for me.

  31. aneettadominictk (verified owner)

    not for oily skin.had pimples when applied 🙁

  32. nusratjhaider (verified owner)

    Recently purchased my first bottle from Beautybarn and I loved every drop of it. I’ve combination skin and it’s a must have product and really deserves the hype. Fast delivery and I love the variety of products on this website.
    After using this, i’ve Ordered cosrx snail all in one cream and cosrx ph morning cleanser and cosrx aloe soothing sunscreen and Klairs vitamin C serum. I’m excited to receive all these products from BeautyBarnIndia. Looking forward to shop more

  33. parugurung01 (verified owner)

    Gives a nice dewy glow on my sensitive acne prone skin throughout the day. Hadnt give breakouts yet.

  34. sipani.suvil (verified owner)

    While this definitely gives my skin hydration, I don’t think it’s doing anything else. This hydration helps while I’m dealing with acne and its immediate aftermath, especially with flakiness because of papules and pustules, but I don’t think it is something which will be part of your normal skin maintenance routine. Half a pea size is sufficient for one quadrant of the face. Anything more and it looks really shiny.

  35. alisha.aro96 (verified owner)

    I have dehydrated acne prone skin, it definitely gives a burst of hydration and my skin feels softer and the dry patches are gone. This could also be result of another moisturiser and the better skincare routine i’ve adopted recently, but i bet its definitely contributing to that. Doesn’t make me breakout which is also great. Good for everyday routine.

  36. pialobo474

    I have been recently experiencing bad dry skin patches over my face. I included this in my night routine and saw a huge difference in the morning. Skin was soft and supple and definitely moisturised. Definitely buying this, love the results!

  37. a.hnath (verified owner)

    During the past winter, my skin was extremely dry to the point where it became flaky and painful, even after a proper skincare routine. My friend had recommended this product and I decided to give it a go. The snail mucin worked so well on my skin – the dryness went away within a day or two and it now helps my skin retain more moisture than before, making it softer and glowy.
    I definitely recommend adding this product as a part of your day/night skincare regime. After a face wash, I use this product and then layer it with a thick essence and lotion.
    PRO – Ideal for skin hydration*.
    *Note – Must be used prior to additional products like toner/ essence/ serum/ lotion. This is not an all-in-one product.

  38. archimrongpipi (verified owner)

    I hv oily acne prone skin but after using this essence my acne have been reduced alot and it gave a nice glow to my skin. I have been using this essence from last year i’ve already finished up 2 bottle. This is my fav product from Cosrx.

  39. akritilovlife

    My ride or die holy grail product. I have oily combination sensitive skin prone to acne, due to which I am vary about almost anything that I apply on my face but this one product works for me all day, everyday and if nothing else works for me, I know this WILL work.
    I think everyone should give it a go. It is hands down amazing and a-cure-it-all product m.

  40. tanvisoni.83 (verified owner)

    Best Essence..! Loved It!.. I am using it since 6 months now in my night time skin care routine and loving it.. going to continue using.. Thanks.

  41. yukitenshi92 (verified owner)

    No wonder this one has so many great reviews!! Its an amazing product that fades acne scars and hydrates the skin in a non-oily way. I have combination skin and this is perfect for it!

  42. Bullo Manku (verified owner)

    A pump in summer and two pumps in winter helps a lot in hydrating my barrier damaged dry skin. Lasts for a while. I used a bottle from October to March, AM and PM, two pumps each time. Great product.

  43. alekhyasmile2 (verified owner)

    Good product???? absorbs quickly doesn’t leave any tacky feeling on face,helps in faster healing of pimples ,lasts a very long time been using since 6 months and still have some left.But not hydrating enough for dry skin,might have to follow up with moisturizer.

  44. Mamatha Madamchetty (verified owner)

    I have been using it for a week in my morning routine and this product has reduced my fresh dark spots like no other

  45. lisa2014onlineshopping

    I have extremely dry (flaky) and acne prone skin. This product did not break me out, which in itself is a blessing. There is no discernible scent which is also amazing. You wont notice this product, until you discontinue using it for a while! The texture is slightly sticky, however in no way reminiscent of snails. While it doesn’t moisturize – and will not replace a moisturizer, to me its an indispensable part of my routine. I usually use it in the evening, and it has helped reduce inflammation caused due to acne. A HG product indeed!

  46. tvidyadhari22 (verified owner)

    I wanted it to work but it broke me out 🙁

  47. nama.tako (verified owner)

    5 star for the product because it really works!
    I am reviewing after using this product for more than a year. My review is totally based on my personal experience and journey with this product. Prior to using this essence, I was suffering from acne (not severe) and dull skin. My friend recommended me this essence and told me specifically to have patience. I could see the results in about 30-45 days, my skin became clearer and alive. Since then I have been using this religiously. I apply this after my toner and before my serum (for the optimum result of your skin follow the Korean skincare routine) . The quantity of this essence is very generous, one bottle goes for about 3-4 months for me, I apply them twice a day. This is a must-have product. If you are having doubts about whether to buy this product then I give you my assurance, trust me, buy it, you will like it. Just enjoy the process with patience and with time it will give you results. Any questions you can ask me, I will be happy to answer you. It is a good product to maintain our skin at its best.

  48. radhikamyneni (verified owner)

    I have oily, sensitive and acne prone skin. this product dint quite work well for me.
    It did give me pimples when ever i used it. I tried experimenting quite a few times but dint work well on my skin.

  49. tenzinyoutso6157 (verified owner)

    I can’t say to what extend it lightened my acne scars but this product is very mild and gentle on the skin. It is very hydrating as well, sometimes I layer this product on my face and use it as a moisturizer. This product didn’t break me out EVENTHOUGH I have sensitive skin which was a relief for me.

  50. zeefashaikh

    Great for moisturizing. Works wonders, helps lightening pigmentation marks. also gets absorbed quickly doesn’t leave any residue.

  51. suresh kumar (verified owner)

    it worked in reducing wrinkles and acne scars a bit whenever i use this my skin feels soft and smooth it kinda gives me that fake hydration it hydrates but i dont feel it but at the same times it doesn’t dries you out its repairing power is good and it calms active acne but redness can still be seen it just needs time.its locks moisture very well so hydrating toner before this recommended

  52. raipriyankarai33 (verified owner)

    A straight up 5 star product.
    Ever since I have used this product, I am hooked on to it.
    My 1st purchase of this was from Beauty barn and I am already onto my 2nd bottle (the packing has changed a little).
    A great power house item for the dry skin victims, though the application goes on sticky at start it quickly gets absorbed leaving no residue behind.
    Really cannot comment on the acne scars but it did help me with my skin hydration – no more dry patches during winter.
    If you are new to the snail products, this is a good product to head start with. Give it a try if you have dry skin.

  53. pavi12h (verified owner)

    It is the best soothing essence for my irritated skin and also calms acne… It also helps on fading my acne scars…… And also adds some glow the following morning.. a must have product.

  54. promilaprantidas (verified owner)

    Really hydrating. Good for oily skin.

  55. jeatroce77 (verified owner)

    I’ve used this product religiously for 3 months now and i’m disappointed to say that it does NOTHING to my skin. . I had high hopes after reading many good reviews but it just doesnt work for me so not repurchasing this particular item.

  56. anusha.aj.4 (verified owner)

    Not sticky and doesn’t make face the look oily. Works for oily skin.

  57. ngsanayanba (verified owner)

    I really want to try this product as they have many great reviews and I was struck by how the essence was thick and at the same time gets absorbed by the skin easily and I have no regret purchasing this when they are on sale(waste no time in doing so)as my skin love this product. I have been using this product with the advanced snail 92 all in one cream?????

  58. rheaphiliprokz

    If you are confused about getting this or the cream, or even the ones from Benton and Mizon, then stop right there and get this.
    It has 96% snail mucin! That’s a LOT!
    Not just that, the ingredients are simple and realistic. Other products have ingredients for an all rounder experience, whereas this one has 1 job and it does it better than it should!

  59. shrutiraiofficial (verified owner)

    It is a little slimy, but it absorbs so well into the skin. It made my skin glow too!!

  60. kshmenaka15 (verified owner)

    The very first time I tried this essence was when I received it as a free sample while ordering other products from Beautybarnindia and OMG I was so much impressed by the magic it has done on my skin and I ordered the full size . I’m in so love with this and will continue using it. It’s so soothing and calming for my acne prone combination skin . Thanks Beautybarnindia!!

  61. maryt_m10 (verified owner)

    I use this product in my night routine. The texture is a bit slimy on application, however it works great! I have acne-prone skin, and this helps keep my skin hydrated and reduces the redness as well.

  62. ansupoudel13

    This was one of the first products from Cosrx that I used. I wanted to add a layer to my winter care routine right before my moisturizer. This was the perfect addition as it complimented a sleeping mask very well. This product may feel watery and sticky at first, after application it absorbs into the skin very fast, leaving your face supple (and not greasy) for the next product. After 1 month of use, my whiteheads were all gone, blemishes were fairly diminished and there was a glow that I could not pinpoint but that made my skin look generally healthier. I would definitely recommend this for a pre-moisturizer product for the night or a pre-sunscreen product for the day.

  63. panchami95 (verified owner)

    Best skin care product ever !
    Can see the changes within a week’s use .
    It moisturises the skin and brightens it and give it a natural glow . Could see a mild reduction in the acne scarring . Will repurchase for sure !

  64. ngangomkiran (verified owner)

    I don’t see any changes and do not understand the hype of this product. Does not do anything for me. My skin type is combo _oily/acne prone in summer and bit dry in winter. I do not recommend it at this price range.

  65. isabellahoran3 (verified owner)

    best moisturiser i have ever used. though u might need soemthing to seal the moisture up in cold months. best foroily acne prone skin. don’t know about scar lightening though since its only been a week..

  66. Lal duhawmi (verified owner)

    I love how my skin absorbs it all and does not feel oily or sticky.My skin is so oily and does not absorb products well but hands down to this product.Thank you beautybarn

  67. anishakvm91 (verified owner)

    My first k-beauty investment and it couldn’t have been a better product! Loved it! I have super oily skin and live in a coastal area with a hot, super humid weather. I was worried the entire mucin thing might compound to the existing oiliness but all my fears were laid to rest.
    It seems thick and slimy when taken out but actually spreads and absorbs nicely into the skin. One decent pump is enough to cover my face and neck. Skin feels hydrated(but not greasy), plump and healthy. Also, I feel, it helps to slowly fade out scars and marks overtime. Plus no irritation or reactions, no breakouts or rashes, no matter which other product you use in your routine. So harmless, yet so beneficial! I also mix it with my Ordinary vit c powder to apply it on face as a serum.
    No matter your skin and its myriad troubles, give this one a try. Oh, and the bottle is very travel friendly and cap locks well, so you can always take it with you wherever.

  68. Pooja Naik (verified owner)

    Love this product ❤
    Helps to fade out scars..
    Gets easily absorbed into the skin.
    Make skin plump and soft.

  69. vassu.b4u (verified owner)

    This is the my first ever k-beauty purchase… I just loved the essence it leaves on my skin so hydrating and plumping non sticky and non greasy even an oily combination skin can spear their hands on this beauty bottle it’s my go to essence…. packaging is too good and the delivery is also on time thank you beauty barn for making k-beauty products available in India

  70. riyasaluja94 (verified owner)

    a must have for acne sensetiv skin, this is the first ever product I used completely and religiously ❤️

  71. vkgayatri (verified owner)

    Was extremely sceptical about this product but after using this for a week I’ve come to the conclusion that it is so good I think I can’t function without it anymore. It hydrates the skin and soothes irritation. I sometimes reapply it throughout the day if my skin is feeling too dry. Wonderful product ??

  72. dreamweaver8.AJK (verified owner)

    Very hydrating and non sticky. Works like magic to calm down your skin when its angry. Definitely a good choice for sensitive acne prone skin

  73. Pallavi Patil (verified owner)

    When I started using this snail Mucin I didn’t see any effects on my skin as such but then when I travelled to a very hot place and due to high temp my skin got all irritated and burned this snail mucin was my savior and calmed and reduced the redness on my skin immediately. Also then I started to see the effects slowly. It hydrates and makes skin soft an supple. Love it..

  74. mythili.prabaharan13 (verified owner)

    Holy grail product. Gets to my skin daily without fail. Snail mucin is an amazing anti-aging products. Repairs skin scars after the acne.

  75. yuukikibum

    A good anti ageing and calming essence packed fully with snail goodness. Its is not that much sticky and leaves the skin bouncy and supple.

  76. nairuti_padalia (verified owner)

    Holy grail

    The advanced Snail all in one cream is a boon For dehydrated skin in a little jar. Absolutely love love love this product. Thanks to Beautybarn.

  77. tanu.roy1963

    I use it in the night routine after the first essence and befor a serum and it gives me such a soothing feeling as I have got sensitive skin. I have noticed a very huge positive change in my skin in terms of its texture and hydration level. though there are other amazing products I layer with this essence. And they are all working together to give me the skin I desire. But I will always have one snail mucin product in my skincare routine because the benefits of snail mucin can’t be ignored. Love it!

  78. anishadsouza97 (verified owner)

    Snail mucin essence has been such a good product when my skin gets dry . It heals my skin and keeps it moisturised throughout the day and night time. Don’t know about healing acne scars cos its been only a week since I’m using it

  79. rigya_singh (verified owner)

    I haven’t used other essence by cosrx but i read good reviews of this and ordered since I use the Snail Mucin AIO cream too.

    And I love it as much as the cream. It doesn’t break you out, is very moisturising, used it in summers/winters/humid/dry climate and it works just as well, though mileage may vary. It is very soothing and calming on skin, sinks in pretty fast.

    Buy it without hesitating.

  80. preetiravindra17 (verified owner)

    I use it as a moisturizer for my sensitive skin. I use it after I have used a hyaluronic acid serum as a humectant and then this, and then sunscreen. This is my day time skincare routine as I do not like to use actives in the day. On alternate days, I use BHA, and this simple routine has been very effective until now. I have tried a lot of moisturizers and I really like this as a peptide moisturizer. I like using 2 kinds of moisturizers – ceramide, and peptide. The former soothes the skin and the latter helps in age damage control and hydration. This is a cost-effective and wonderful peptide moisturizer as it lasts you a good 2-3 months.

  81. sentilongchar21 (verified owner)

    A holy grail product. Very hydrating, makes your skin look dewy and fresh. Will definitely purchase it again. Thank you beautybarn!

  82. Richo Mobia (verified owner)

    Reviewing after 1 month. On my initial day of purchase I felt so bad like its not doing anything for me. I could’ve better opt other products. But now when I see Voila! It have helped me a lot in reducing my hyperpigmentation and acne marks. Also it’s slowly affecting on scars. (note: acne marks and scars are different) so now finally I’m so happy with the purchase. I’m definitely gonna buy another bottle of I finish this until my skin texture even out.

  83. manishabilonia (verified owner)

    A good essence for calming down irritated skin. It almost has a slime like consistency and glides down the skin very smoothly. When applied into the skin get absorbed into the skin nicely without leaving any oily feel. It has a very light and hydrating feel to it and helps in moisturizing and it has got anti ageing properties as well.

  84. gentete09 (verified owner)

    This product exceeded all my expectations, which was really high to begin with. Trust the hype about this one, you won’t regret.

  85. veronicathokchom1518 (verified owner)

    My skin care feels incomplete without this product. It really hydrates my skin and protects it from loosing its moisture throughout the day. Love this product.

  86. supritak7

    I use this product in my night routine. The texture is a bit slimy on application, however it works great! I have acne-prone skin, and this helps keep my skin hydrated and reduces the redness as well. Suits perfectly to my skin.

  87. parijat_chowdhury (verified owner)

    This product deserves all the praise in the world. It plumps up the skin so perfectly and makes even harshest of winters bearable for my very very dry skin. Also doesn’t clog pores, despite being so nourishing.

  88. moonstruckjoie (verified owner)

    This essence worth all the hype. Really holds the moisturizer for my super dry skin and changes the texture of the skin for good over period of time. Buy it and see the difference yourself.

  89. shirole.prachi (verified owner)

    This is a product I was very excited to use once I began my korean beauty routine! This is my favorite part of the routine. You start to see the results after a couple of days when your skin feels healthier. You have to wait for 4/5 min before the mucin dries or else it just moves around when you apply the moisturizer.

  90. electricquiet123 (verified owner)

    I would give it more than 5 stars. This was the first Korean product that I tried out and it got me hooked to Kbeauty. Thanks beautybarn for selling this in India at competitive rates.

    According to me, this should be used by all genders, and people of all ages as it has a wide variety of uses. I have acne prone, sensitive skin and it calms my skin. My mother wanted one after looking at the change in my skin texture and tone and it helped with her melasma as well.

  91. kayia.nipuni (verified owner)

    Love this product. Have been recommending to my friends as well.

  92. mezhulenuomez (verified owner)

    One of the best product for hydrating the skin. I include it in my night routine and the result is great. It has reduced the dryness and gives a healthy glow.

  93. awesomegod001

    Just a basic moisturizer! Snail Mucin isn’t proven scientifically to heal scars. I’ve had scars in the beginning which are exactly the same after using this for a couple of months. Does give hydration though, but is sticky and doesn’t always absorb well when used in a routine. If used alone after cleansing, it does a decent job.

  94. moni.mybeauty

    My most favourite essence. This product may feel watery and sticky at first, after application it absorbs into the skin very fast, leaving your face supple (and not greasy) for the next product. After 1 month of use, my whiteheads were all gone, blemishes were fairly diminished and there was a glow that I could not pinpoint but that made my skin look generally healthier. I would definitely recommend this for a pre-moisturizer product for the night or a pre-sunscreen product for the day.

  95. ankesha.yadav15 (verified owner)

    I have been lathering it everywhere my skin needs hydration. Just does it’s job perfectly.

  96. awesomegod001

    Sucks! I have no idea why everyone is raving so much about this. This is a very basic hyaluronic acid with snail mucin that doesn’t really do anything.
    I have oily skin and whenever I use this, it gives me whiteheads. There are so many better options for moisture! This has nothing!

  97. mahwishkhan8303

    Amazing product
    i will be very honest firstly i though it is just over hyped product that’s it…i heard a lot of lot of means lottttt off ???? amazing review… so i though why not try it at once… before purchasing actual product i go to the website to check its ingredient list i was totally amazed the first ingredient is 96% Mucin ???? it will be holly grail if u are facing acne scar, uneven skin tone or dry patches… it contain lot of other good ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate, Allantoin, Panthenol, Arginine etc…. as i am ingredient person ???? so i buy it…. and it really work for me… it fade my acne scar,dry patches, uneven skin tone or what not.. if u are consistent with this product it will definitely work wonder for u… do not think just buy it…. may be it is a bit expensive for few people ???? including me… but it will last u for a long time.. u just need a bit… it is non stick after blending.. and totally worth every penny…. try it at once and u will fall in love with it

  98. sravanthik06 (verified owner)

    Good Product
    I am recently into korean skin care routine. This is one of the products which I have chosen for my switch to korean beauty routine. It has been a good experience so far. It hydrates my skin along with other products. Even Benton Snail Essense is also a product to give a try.

  99. simranchavan36

    A must for dehydrated skin. My skin just drinks this up! Very slimy in texture when dispensed, thus thankful for the pump bottle. However, it does not feel sticky at all on the skin, spreads easily and vanishes quickly.

  100. sengupta.udita (verified owner)

    It took a while for me to notice the magic it does. When I bought it I was suffering from severe breakouts & my skin barrier was completely damaged from extreme exposure to heat & sunlight. I used it at night with the cosrx hyaluronic intensive cream as u tend to perspire after using it. At first I didn’t notice much, some times I even felt that my breakouts have increased however over the course of time my skin healed in such a way that from severe breakouts it has come down to no breakouts at all. I bought it last November and my breakout stopped by the month of April. After that I started using cosrx BHA skin returning A-sol simultaneously and I have no breakouts ever since. Thank you Cosrx ❤

  101. sue.shekhar

    Well…! This product commands 100 reviews and more ????
    I recently was introduced to K-Beauty and it’s like a world in its own. I‘be been using this for a lil over a month on/off now fearing I’ll run out as this is ‘Out of stock’ frequently. The first time I used it, that feeling – my skin literally drank it up! It felt so soft and supple like it had been dehydrated for ages!!! So as soon as it was back in stock, I’ve ordered 2 more backups ☺️???? I’m good for a year or so coz hydration in skincare is non-negotiable regardless of the season, age or skin type. I’ve oily/ combo, acne-prone, sensitive skin. I use 2 pumps in the morning and at night after toning followed by my moisturiser. This didn’t break me out instead it soothes and calms skin. Do not use on irritated skin i.e. after face waxing/ threading, etc. as it stung my skin a lil bit but went away in a while. No reactions as such. I’m gonna use this non-negotiably no matter the season coz I’ve learnt that hydration is everything for oily skin.

  102. mdnvv149

    This is the best essence for hydrating skin. It contains 96% snail mucin extracts which is great. Feels sticky while applying this, but absorbs very quickly and makes skin supple and soft. Very little amount is required. Worth buying.

  103. bendcosta73042 (verified owner)

    My skin texture improved a lot over 8 months of use. Also the pigmentation had lightened

  104. dipsikha.7

    If your skin needs hydration then this is the one. Once we start aging, our skin tends to become more dry and we lack hydration. This essence is perfect to provide you more hydration which eventually makes your skin more plump and retain moisture and this one bottle lasted 3 months for me… So you might think the price is heavy on your pocket when actually it is quite budget friendly.

  105. Indrani Dutta

    Best from Cosrx, this has got such an amazing texture! Oh my god! i love this absolutely.. this is so hydrating and calming, relieves dry and rough patches.

  106. dhpadmaja25

    A holy gail product! Its the first skin care product I ever bought and its a must have for everyone. Its hydrating and helps fade away acne scars slowly. When you apply on the skin you can instantly feel the hydration it offers. Nothing to wry abt the texture.

  107. mdnvv149

    This essence is absolutely awesome. The major ingredient is snail mucin. It hydrates the skin and makes it supple and soft. Little bit sticky in consistency, but after the application it absorbs well and leave skin moisturised.

  108. shrav1620 (verified owner)

    I had never tried snail essence before. after trying this with rice sleeping mask. these two are my holygrail proiducts that i swear by for my acne dry skin

  109. eshathakur_91

    Suits sensitive skin, doesn’t cause irritation. Heals, soothes, strengthens the skin.

  110. moni.mybeauty (verified owner)

    I am in love with this product. With the continued usage of this essence i have seen some significant improvements in my skin. It has become much more less sensitive and reactive. My acne scars are fading faster. Skin looks much more healthy and hydrated.

  111. mdnvv149

    This essence is absolutely awesome. The major ingredient is snail mucin. It hydrates the skin and makes it supple and soft. Little bit sticky in consistency, but after the application it absorbs well and leave skin moisturised. Overall a good one.

  112. srishtixcvii

    So hydrating.
    Has a goopy slimy texture and is very hydrating and helps minimize breakouts because my breakouts were because if lack of hydration. No wonder it is everyone’s favourite!

  113. pravallikaprincess73

    This serum is like a bless for dehydrated skin.just 2 pumps makes skin fully hydration and the snail essence helps skin as anti ageing, fine lines etc

  114. srishtixcvii

    Nice goopy texture, almost acts like a serum! Sinks in nicely and makes skin really hydrated.

  115. kruthipr.1997 (verified owner)

    The one thing I absolutely LOVE about this is it gives me instant cooling effect when I put it on my face!! Such an amazing product!! My first snail product and I’m loving this so much. This definitely did improve my skin texture. Provided loads of hydration. Would definitely buy this! Anybody wanting to try out snail mucin as an ingredient, this is the product you need to be starting out with.

  116. mdnvv149

    If one should choose among snail 96 essence vs snail 92 cream, which one will be better? Of course one is essence and the other one is cream, is it necessary to use both products with the basic snail secretion formulae?

    • Beauty Barn

      hey both are equally good and you can opt for any one.

  117. karthik.karu2024

    preps yous skin so well.. no fragrance absorbs so well into skin .. a big thumbs up from me

  118. ganga.manoj98

    Gave in to the hype and bought this a couple of months ago, even thought the idea of putting anything that came out of a snail on my face grossed me out lol

    This was quite hydrating and has terrific vfm because you’re getting 100ml of product for the price, which is way more economical than buying hyaluronic acid serums. Unfortunately, this made history as the first product to ever have broken me out- maybe snail mucin just doesn’t agree with my skin- but that aside, it’s a good product.

  119. Jhumpuchu (verified owner)

    It does nothing except hydration.which is good.great for winter and dry dehydrated skin which breaksout due to dehydration.

  120. edenipanmei (verified owner)

    Simple,hydrating,soothing def gives subtle glow.i directly use it before my moisturizer and then tamanu oil at night .it helped with my hyperpigmentation . Soo suitable for acne prone skin ,it’s non comedogenic and doesn’t have any fungal acne ingredients .love it

  121. Pooja Tripathi (verified owner)

    Amazing product, very hydrating even on oily and acne prone skin. It soothes redness of my face . Highly recommended

  122. sethigarvita (verified owner)

    This product is probably one of the most hyped in K-Beauty. It was also my first purchase from CosRX.
    Review after 4-5 months of usage-
    Skin Type: Dry, sensitive
    Pros: Within the first week, it worked like magic and I had no dry, flaky patches in the morning. Tightness reduced – great if you have a dehydrated skin condition, irrespective of your skin type. Secondly, during the time I had ruined my skin barrier, it soothed my skin – the mucin has healing properties. Thirdly, it is pocket friendly for a 100ml bottle.
    Cons: Caused a few breakouts at the start (not anymore). Upon reading the customer reviews on other websites, I found that snail mucin can certainly cause acne for some people. Many like the Benton Snail Bee Essence over this one, so you might check that out too.

  123. Prajna Karmakar (verified owner)

    I love this COSRX snail mucin essence
    To be honest I can’t think of complete skincare routines without this. It’s also give you that glass skin look if you layer it correctly. I’ve oily acne prone combination skin so my skin gets dehydrated preety easily also dull at a times so I was afraid at first to whether or not it’s gonna be too much for my skin or not but I’m glad that I did give it a try. I’ve emptied 3 bottles of this already waiting to buy to another one as soon as it’s get in stock.

  124. gudiyarajan

    Will always be the best product from cosrx this non fragrance is actually skin food it literally amkes a layer of protection and food for skin one ..I am so glad I went through 4 bottles of this already

  125. (verified owner)

    Writing a review after 3 years of continuously using cosrx snail mucin essence ???? This was my first ever k beauty product which I bought after doing tonnes of research on acne and its causes. After few weeks of using it, i felt like it was not showing any results except moisturizing my skin. They I began getting less and less pimples with time and I began to understand how this product helped in fixing my skin barrier and moisturizing – 2 of the most important things to do to avoid acne. With long term usage, it also helps in lightening acne scars. This will be a staple product in my skincare routine for yrs to come.

  126. Xavier Gomez

    I’m reviewing this after using it for a month. This is my first ever cosrx product. The fun texture is to love for, and honestly, during my initial days, using a pump is not that moisturizing and then started using two pump of it , which makes me to feel so nourished and also moisturized, my angry acne started to subside after using them. Overall a big thumbs up.

  127. mdnvv149

    This is the best product from Cosrx. Using this regularly will give good results. One star less, because spotted that phenoxyethanol is in the middle of ingredients list. Earlier it was at the bottom of the list.

  128. anishakvm91 (verified owner)

    This was my first kbeauty product ever and the amount of research I put in before zeroing in on this was all worth it!! Its hands down one of the best I have ever used 👍🏼
    Over time with regular usage it made my skin healthy and moisturised, soothing and calming acne and inflammations, protecting the skin barrier and even fading some pigmentation and scarring. You can’t go wrong with this – its gonna help with most skin issues, just give it time.
    And the texture is fine… May seem thick or slimy but it is so hydrating and absorbs without leaving any oilyness, really you stop thinking after some time. And I love that it has no fragrance!
    Only issue – its availability!!! It’s so hard to find it in stock anywhere! I start looking couple months before the bottle finishes
    Just give it a try, you won’t regret it.

  129. ushmi.monu1991 (verified owner)

    I have combination skin which is really oily in summers with all the sensitivities. Not many products suit me. I really wanted to try it after reading so many good reviews. It did not suit me at all. I had so many pimples, acne and whatnot. The CC were all over my face. I had to stop using it and now i don’t know what to do with it. If you have skin issues like me, please reconsider or I would suggest if you can buy samples somewhere. Now it’ll just sit on the shelf or I’ll have to give to someone.

  130. (verified owner)

    I’m deeply impressed by how this essence has been working for my scars. This one’s healing, soothing and the way it glides over the skin makes skincare so much more fun!

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