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AXIS-Y The Mini Glow Set


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Whether it’s for yourself or a friend, it’s a treat in any way! Each Axis-Y Mini Glow SET includes stickers, a blank card, and the complete signature Axis-Y high quality and effective skincare for oily and acne prone skin living in hot and humid climates! This set is the first few steps to smoother, pore-tightened and brighter skin!

Experience Axis-Y four-step collection for glowing skin with its favorite minis: Quini, Puri, Arti, and Glowi.

  1. Quini: Easily cleans skin without causing any irritations
  2. Puri: Clears and treats deep in pores
  3. Arti: Repairs any skin chronically damaged by environmental stressors
  4. Glowi: Enhance skin’s glow by naturally reducing discoloration

1x Mini Quinoa Cleanser
1x Mini Purifying Toner
1x Mini Artichoke Ampoule
1x Mini Dark Spot Serum
1x Post Card
1x Set of Stickers


How To Use

  1. Start with the Quinoa Cleansing Gel 
  2. Tone with the Daily Purifying Treatment Toner
  3. Apply a couple of drops of the Artichoke Ampoule
  4. Spot treat dark marks with the Dark Spot Serum
  5. Moisturize with the cream of your choice!


Check individual product pages for specific ingredient lists.

1 review for AXIS-Y The Mini Glow Set

  1. maisaraamer611

    ???? Quinoa Gel Cleanser:
    It has centella, quinoa, green tea, calendula extracts that not just cleanses well and soothes the skin, but it made my skin feel super hydrated. Love the texture of it. Definitely a steal for oily-acne prone skin.

    ???? Daily Purifying Treatment Toner:
    As the name suggests, this is a treatment toner with BHA that exfoliates the skin extremely gently, helps getting rid of congested pores and seeps into the skin like a dream.

    ???? Artichoke Intensive Skin Barrier Ampoule:
    (The ingredient list looked super interesting of this one Fr) It has Niacinamide, centella, artichoke, Aloe Vera, tea tree and so much more to heal and strengthen the skin barrier. I love the way how it feels on my skin! (It has a gorgeous texture) I love the hydration it provides to my oily-dehydrated skin without making it feel greasy.
    (Has to be my favourite product from the kit)

    ???? Dark Spot Correcting Glow Serum.
    It has ingredients like Niacinamide, Rice bran and papaya fruit extract to target any PIH on your skin. I like the texture of it, pretty lightweight and I can see it makes my skin feel surprisingly smooth the next day (post application) but I can’t really comment on the long term effects like targeting PIH as it was a trial pack and we gotta be super consistent while treating any hyperpigmentation.

    All in all, I really liked using this.

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