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CO2 Carboxy Combo- Facial Gel 750 ml and CO2 Facial & Neck Sheets 25 sheets | Clearance


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CARBOXY CO2 COMBO is essential for carboxy therapy. Revolutionary needle-free carboxy therapy helps boost skin’s metabolism and natural production of oxygen providing deep down hydration. Skin will look dramatically brighter, fresher and more even toned after one use. This treatment is also effective for healing inflammation due to acne. It is the key to radiant, more youthful skin! This Carboxy CO2 Combo is a 25 Treatments Pack.

High level of CO2 concentration suitable for professional use, in comparison to the level of CO2 concentration in pre-existing commercial CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY product on the market.

CO2 Carboxy Therapy for Your Face – Improved results of procedures are experienced without any irritation by consistently combining CO2 Carboxy Therapy with various dermatological and plastic surgery procedures such as laser, peeling, mesotherapy, postnatal skin care and etc.

1) #Wrinkle Reduction Transforms aged skin with wrinkles into elastic and youthful skin

2) #Acne Treatment Accelerates blood flow and waste discharge effectively treats acne by recovering self-regenerative capacity of skin with anti-inflammatory properties

3) #Lifting Effects Promotes protein synthesis and metabolism, redefining sagging lines and enhancing skin elasticity

4) #Exfoliation Effectively removes remaining waste and dead cells

5) #Brightening Stimulates blood circulation and efficient removal of skin waste, creating translucent skin

6) #PoreControl Enhances metabolism, removal of skin waste and contraction of pores

7) Treatment of #Bruise and #swellings Alleviates bruises and swellings created by various procedures by enhancing metabolism

Caution Please ensure eyes and mouth are covered before treatment. The product should not be used on open wounds. After treatment, the stimulated area of skin must be relieved with Natural RX masks, cooling machines or cold towels.

Expiry 20/5/23




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